Frequently Asked Questions

The timer is not working properly; what should I do?
If you notice that the timer stops during the course, click anywhere on the course page to restart the timer. Using additional applications while taking the course frequently causes this. For optimum performance, disable any pop-up blockers and privacy control features on your anti-virus security program and please close all other applications before entering the course.
Do I need to log out when exiting the course?
Yes, the logout feature is recommended when you are ready to leave the course. This prevents unauthorized use by another party.
What should I do if I encounter a problem with website functionality while taking the course?
Exit the program, close all programs on your computer, and restart your computer. Disable any pop-up blockers and privacy control features on your anti-virus security program before logging into the course. Try to access the course again. If this doesn’t solve the problem, email us at or call our customer service experts at 1-800-721-2663 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.
Once I complete the course and print my Certificate of Completion, can I continue to access the course?
No. You will have generous access to the course for 30 days from the time you register, in order to allow for interruptions and other obligations. This is one of the greatest advantages of online training! At the time you print your Certificate of Completion, you will be considered a course graduate and will no longer need access to the course. However, we do recommend that you purchase the hardcopy version of the course as well as the Texas Notary Public Manual at for future reference.
What browser should I use?
To take the course you will need Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator 6.0 or higher with cookies and JavaScript enabled.